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Things that are a little bit different than a standard Murder Mystery Dinner Theater show, but will definitely create a memorable event!


You and your guests can play several rounds of a "Familiar Feud" game, pretty much the same as how you see it on TV!  We have G, PG, R, rated categories, as well as Kids based and History categories too!  So it doesn't matter if it's at home, work, school, or wherever, YOU'LL be the big winner when your guests tell you how much fun they had!


The price for this has been temporarily reduced, as we work out some bugs.  So instead of $800, you can have this event for as low as $650!  Please be aware that this price is based on the venue being within a one hour drive from our home office in Pitman, N.J.  Overall price may increase depending on your location

Contact us for more information!

Whose Show Is it, Anyway?:

A full-on improv show with a cast of 4-6 people, we provide the laughs. All we need are "suggestions" from you in the audience! **Please be aware that this show hasn't been performed since before the Pandemic, so our team will need to be able to reacquaint  themselves to the show format and games.  Depending on how far in the future you're looking for this, we may be able to accommodate you!


The  CUSTOM  Show!:

If you have a specific theme in mind (like War Time/USO show, Sci-Fi movie, "Wizard School", or just about anything you can think of), we can make a murder mystery that will fit in perfectly with just about any idea you want!

and other stuff too!:

We can also arrange scavenger hunt parties that will have team working against team to find all of the hidden clues and people! 

For special occasions, we offer "Character Appearances" by beloved cartoon Princesses and characters! And at the holidays, Santa can come visit, and tell a story to the little ones.  Or for the grown-ups, Ebenezer Scrooge can stop by and be the most entertaining "Humbug" guest at your party!  Plus, we have children's shows, and family entertainment options that no one else has!

Clue-DUNNIT:   Similar to a popular board game, several peculiar characters are suspects in a murder investigation!  This can be fully cast by us or, if you prefer, you and some of your guests can join in the fun as characters!  This is definitely meant to be a big "event" for a large gathering, as each audience group will get a chance to question each suspect as they travel from table to table during your dinner party!

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